The Best Memes Turned Into Jigsaw Puzzles 🧩😂 *Adds To Cart*

Let’s not mince words, puzzlers: it’s been a long, hard, 100,000-piece puzzle with no guide picture of a year. The war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, Elon Musk is systematically destroying Twitter, and... you know, the ever-present threat of climate change, et cetera. (Sorry for the depressing vibes.)

Luckily, there is still one thing capable of bringing comfort to the afflicted and wiping our collective hive-mind of its existential dread, and that thing is memes. The internet would be a joyless void of constant news alerts, questionably reliable research, and self-aggrandizing social media posts without some of the internet's funniest memes. Internet humour isn't always easily explainable, but it's usually pretty hilarious.

They have filled your social feeds for years. Now we’ve rounded up the very best memes and turned them into jigsaw puzzles. Find them all below.

1. 3 Bimbos of the Apocalypse

Whenever I see pictures from this night, I remember the Post headline: “Bimbo Summit.” While it was PR-arranged – thank you, Elliot Mintz – it was still fun to see the three most maligned women of 2006, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, together in one car, destined for disaster.

2. [Solving a puzzle]… I tried so hard and got so far

But in the end it doesn't even matter! 

Meryl Streep Shouting Meme Jigsaw Puzzle

3. When you are 999-piece deep into a puzzle, and you can't find the last piece...

Kim Kardashian Crying Meme Jigsaw Puzzle

4. *Puzzle piece doesn't fit*

Dark Kermit: Destroy it

Dark Kermit Meme Jigsaw Puzzle

5. Missing puzzle piece? It's always the cat.

Taylor Armstrong Cat Meme Jigsaw Puzzle

6. My bookshelf when I come home with new jigsaw puzzles:

Euphoria Meme Jigsaw Puzzle

 7. Jigsaw puzzle and a negroni sbagliato with prosecco in it.

Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco In It Meme Jigsaw Puzzle

8. That body puzzle of yours is absurd.

Adam Levine Text Meme Jigsaw Puzzle

9. These gays puzzles, they're trying to murder me.

“The Oscar goes to… Oh, no, no, wait, Golden Globes.” - White Lotus' Jennifer Coolidge accepting her win for Best Supporting Actress. Jennifer IS Tanya. Plus, why is there not an award for Best meme of a limited series or TV movie?

The White Lotus Tanya Jennifer Coolidge Jigsaw Puzzle
10. "The first rule of Puzzle Club is: you do not talk about Puzzle Club. The second rule of Puzzle Club is: you DO NOT talk about Puzzle Club. Third rule of Puzzle Club, someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over."

Me explaining to my mum meme jigsaw puzzle

11. Me: I'm going to start a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle

My cat:

Disaster Girl Meme Jigsaw Puzzle

12. Slang for cost of living crisis xx

Babe don't forget to get the 1000-piece cozzie livs jigsaw puzzle for nans birthday

Cost of Living Crisis Slang Cozzie Livs Jigsaw Puzzle

Art imitates life and then memes imitate art — and the glorious, unrelenting life cycle of content lives on. Unfortunately, these meme jigsaw puzzles are not for sale, as Kim Kardashian has purchased them all for reportedly $885k, TMZ reports.

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