The World's Most Famous Puzzlers: Celebrities that Love to Puzzle

wolf-like tendencies.

Looking for a cost-effective way to emulate the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Look no further than jigsaw puzzles. They're a surefire way to get in that much needed R&R after a long day at work. 

At Rest In Pieces, we have put together a list of celebrities who enjoy the same pastimes we peasants do. Which one surprises you the most? 

1. The Queen

You may be surprised to read this (or not if you've stayed up to date with our blogposts), but Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is well known to be an avid puzzler. As we said in our the REAL Queen's Gambit blogpost, the Queen is famous for her preference to puzzles without a guide picture, as she believes this makes the puzzle too easy. The Queen is also a member of the British Jigsaw Puzzle Library, and is believed to frequently borrow them for those winter stays at Sandringham. 

2. Kylie Jenner

This reality-TV-star-turned-billion-dollar-empire-owner recently announced that she took up puzzling when pregnant with her firstborn, Stormi. Jenner says that it is those very same pastimes she relied on during pregnancy that she turned to during quarantine to keep her entertained. 

3. Hugh Jackman

It turns out even Wolverine has a softer side...or does he? I'm not sure tearing up a jigsaw puzzle that took four months to complete can be considered soft. It seems even Wolverine can't control his wolf-like tendencies. 


Read more here: 

Hugh Jackman Loses to the Starry Night Jigsaw Puzzle 

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4. Bill Gates

Being the richest man in the world shouldn't preclude you from partaking in this novel pastime. It is said that Bill Gates and his (ex-)wife Melinda are quite competitive when it comes to jigsaw puzzles, so much so that they will often buy the exact same one in order to see who can do it fastest. Or at least they used to.

5. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen "Do It" Degeneres took to Instagram during the COVID-19 restrictions to share with fans how she's been coping with lockdown. As you can imagine, Ellen says the "hardest part" of any jigsaw puzzle is turning over each and every single piece, especially when you're daring enough to tackle a 4000-piece challenge!

Watch the queen of daytime television tackle a 4000-piece jigsaw puzzle below:


6. Kate Hudson

Almost Famous star and Fabletics founder Kate Hudson is a self-proclaimed puzzle lover who spent Christmas this year puzzling in Aspen. 

These celebrities show that no matter how rich or famous you are, getting in some much needed rest and relaxation never has to be costly. Maybe if they're lucky they will be immortalised as a jigsaw puzzle just like the world's most famous painting, The Mona Lisa:

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