Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories 🧩

There's just something about fitting together puzzle pieces that feels both wonderfully productive and meditative at the same time. It's challenging but calming and can be enjoyed in solitude, or together with your partner or family. A finished jigsaw puzzle can be a work of art—one worth framing and hanging on the wall. But that creates another set of interlocking puzzles to solve: What’s the best way to preserve a puzzle and display it for all to see? And before you get to that point, how can you safely store a puzzle in progress when you need to free up table space and don’t want nosy pets or children ruining your work? 1. Start with jigsaw sorting trays. 2. If you want to travel with your puzzle or store it away, use a roll-up puzzle mat. 3. Prep a puzzle for framing and use puzzle glue.