Jigsaw Puzzle Sorting Trays Accessory - Stackable and Linkable

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A pro tip for solving that crazy hard jigsaw puzzle: Sort smartly with trays 🧩

How can you safely store a puzzle in progress when you need to free up table space and don’t want nosy cats or children ruining your work? We recommend sorting trays for organising your pieces, especially when attempting more difficult puzzles or when workspace is limited.

Sorters are great when you need to get certain pieces out of the way so you can work on a different section of the puzzle. If you sort your pieces but don’t use trays, then when you need to temporarily pack up your puzzle and put all the loose pieces back in the box, it’s very frustrating.

When you get stuck, do things differently...

• Sort your puzzle pieces. These trays are big enough to hold all the pieces of a 1000-piece puzzle.

• Link trays for easy viewing. The six puzzle piece shaped trays can be linked or stacked, whichever you prefer.

• Stack trays for compact organisation. These high quality puzzle trays will last for years – so forget about using margarine tubs or the box base for storing your puzzle pieces.

• Store trays in the box for transport. Each tray measures approximately 19 x 19 x 2cm.

Many people neglect to do much sorting when they make a puzzle. After all, it's time-consuming and boring. But taking the time to do so can pay big dividends when it comes to the assembly. Pros recommend having several sorting trays on hand, then placing pieces of the same colour or pattern in the various trays. The border pieces should also go into a separate container. If centre pieces have no defining colour or pattern, they should go into a miscellaneous tray.