Cats on puzzles, cats wrecking puzzles, cats eating puzzle pieces...

Cats looking at puzzles, cats near a puzzle, cats on a puzzle box, a cat or multiple cats in a picture with a jigsaw puzzle. Yes, Jigsaw Puzzle Cats subreddit is a thing. 😹

Our cats love to be the centre of attention. We all know this to be one of those random cat facts you learn very quickly as a cat mum and dad and from experience we also know that they love getting in the way when we are doing something that doesn’t involve them. 

Solving jigsaw puzzles is a great way to relax and kill a bit of time - as you can imagine, our cats think it’ll be a great idea to help us, but that’s the attention seeking side of them coming out again, and helping us isn’t really their aim. Even if you happen to be an absolute master at solving puzzles, one deliberate move from your cat could ruin it all.

Black cat solves Le Chat Noir jigsaw puzzle

When the puzzle comes to life! Black cat solves Le Chat Noir Jigsaw Puzzle.

The reality of this is that cats and puzzles just don’t mix, and because they can your beloved kitty will do everything in their power to stop you from finishing it. From knocking the pieces to the floor to treating them as a tasty snack, our felines have their methods to get their point across — don’t pay attention to that, pay attention to me!

So take a look at this great collection of photos compiled by r/jigsawpuzzlecats that show just how determined cats can be when they decide to give their owners a helping hand... I mean paw!

1. The cat trap is working...

2. Draw me like one of your french girls

3. Old floofy butt says u need another plan. 

4. Welcome to the Metaverse 

5. Spot the difference


6. Calm before the storm...

7. Give me the lid, or else... 😾

8. Those are now collectible pieces! 😻

9. I'm too high for this picture. 

10. flat earth

hollow earth

earth filled with cat

11. Decoy box! Genius!

12. New product launch?

So why do our beautiful furry creatures like to torment us? It has something to do with being left out of the puzzling process. After all, who can pass a puzzle without wanting to help?

Share your favourite photos of your cat "helping" with your puzzle on the r/jigsawpuzzlecats subreddit.

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