It's a coffee table that's also a jigsaw puzzle... and vice versa!

Some assembly required. 😅

Matty Benedetto's Unnecessary Inventions have taken the internet by storm since he first posted about his AirPod chopsticks on Reddit in 2019. With a massive following on TikTok, over 1 million followers on Instagram, and over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, what started as a side project for Benedetto to create all the ridiculous ideas that popped into his head has led to a successful career.

Benedetto's latest design is a jigsaw table that's also a coffee table... wait or is it the other way around?! 🤯

Get ready for an exciting and challenging experience with the Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table - the first and only coffee table that can’t actually be used until you solve the jigsaw puzzle surface.

"You think this is unnecessary? Seriously I think is very nice to have a puzzle table. 😅" one YouTuber commented.

Unnecessary Inventions' playful coffee table offers a clever commentary on “some assembly required” furniture. The top of the coffee table transforms into a brain-tickling jigsaw puzzle that you'll need to solve before use. When you want to use it as a table, you need to place all 91 of its puzzle pieces in the proper places. No instructions included.

Each puzzle piece is precision laser cut to fit seamlessly together, ensuring an effortless puzzle-solving experience. Simply find the right spot for each piece and watch as it slides into place with ease.

“You’re creating another problem by trying to solve the initial problem that was never really a problem in the first place,” Benedetto says of his inventions. “A lot of times people confuse the words unnecessary and useless. All of my products, functionally, have a use to them. They just add 10 more steps.”

“None of this would’ve happened if I didn’t just put it out there,” he says. “Just start something and share it with the world. Trust me: Nothing is too stupid.”

Yes, it’s completely unnecessary but you still want it anyway.

The best news? You can buy Matty Benedetto's jigsaw puzzle coffee table here.

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