The Piece Maker: The must-watch TV show about jigsaw puzzles 🧩

This is the unmissable TV show you’ve been waiting for puzzle nerds. 📺 Could HBO Max's The Piece Maker be for jigsaw puzzles what The Queen's Gambit was for chess?

Are you a lover of art, puzzles, or traveling? If so, you won't want to miss HBO Max's latest television show, The Piece Maker. Premiering on April 1st, The Piece Maker follows the journey of Eric Dowdle, a painter and puzzle maker who travels the world seeking inspiration for his breathtaking paintings that he transforms into challenging jigsaw puzzles.

Dowdle's passion for folk art and storytelling is evident in his work, and he refuses to create a painting of a place he hasn't visited himself. By doing so, he captures the essence of each location and creates a unique puzzle that not only challenges but also tells a story. Through his art, Dowdle invites viewers to feel the same emotions and experience the same beauty that he did when he visited each location.

In The Piece Maker, viewers will get a glimpse into Dowdle's creative process as he visits various destinations, including New York City, and discovers the history and stories behind each location. As he interacts with locals and learns about their culture and traditions, Dowdle brings the paintings to life and transforms them into puzzles that offer a unique way to experience each place.

Episode 1. Wild, Wild West

In the first episode of The Piece Maker, viewers will be taken on a journey through the American West as Eric travels across Utah to find inspiration for his latest puzzle creation. Eric experiences the rugged beauty of the West by taking a helicopter ride through red rock mesas, hiking to Pueblo dwellings with a local guide, and joining a cattle drive. Along the way, he meets wild mustangs and immerses himself in the unique culture of the region. Using his experiences and newfound knowledge, Eric creates a stunning folk painting that will be transformed into a challenging puzzle for viewers to enjoy.

Episode 2. Anchorage: The Gateway to the Wild

Eric embarks on a journey to Alaska, the gateway to the wild, as he traverses the great Alaskan wilderness, Eric conducts research for his next puzzle creation. Viewers will be taken on a breathtaking tour of some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the state, including its glaciers, mountains, and forests. Eric's encounters with the region's unique wildlife and native cultures add depth and meaning to his work as he creates a puzzle that captures the essence of this majestic landscape.

Episode 3. Hawaii: The Big Island 

Eric takes viewers on a journey to the Big Island of Hawaii to explore the unique connection between the land and sea. Eric dives with majestic manta rays, roasts Kona coffee beans, and hikes an active volcano to gain a deeper understanding of the island's culture and natural beauty. Along the way, he also learns how to surf in an outrigger canoe. Immersing himself in the island's unique lifestyle, Eric creates an authentic island puzzle that captures the spirit of Hawaii and its people.

Episode 4. San Francisco: The Golden West 

In the fourth episode of The Piece Maker, Eric arrives in San Francisco to uncover the city's most beloved icons. He gets an up-close experience operating the city's iconic cable cars, and visits Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory to learn about the city's sweetest delights. Eric also explores Chinatown's hidden gems with a local guide, discovering the area's rich cultural heritage. But that's not all - he also restores a Victorian home and creates a puzzle that tells a new story about the city's history and beauty.

Episode 5. Outer Banks: Sand and Sky 

In episode 5 of The Piece Maker, Eric takes viewers on an adventure over the Outer Banks, North Carolina, to experience the story of flight. He assembles a replica of the Wright Brothers' plane and takes to the skies in a two-seat plane, soaring high above the sand and sea. Eric also dives a sunken Atlantic shipwreck and climbs a lighthouse with a rare caretaker who lives onsite, getting a unique perspective on the area's history and culture.

Episode 6. New York: City of a Million Stories

In episode 6 of The Piece Maker, Eric takes on the challenge of capturing the many stories of New York City in just one puzzle. He sails an old-school tall ship through the harbour, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling city. Eric also takes a tour of the Statue of Liberty, gaining new insights into this iconic landmark and its rich history. To get a taste of the city, he heads to Russ & Daughters to bake bagels and slice lox, immersing himself in the city's culinary traditions. Finally, Eric learns to craft real Broadway costumes, gaining a unique insight into the world of theatre and the many stories it tells.

Eric Dowdle, the artist and star of 'The Piece Maker' TV show, concentrates on solving a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle at a wooden table, surrounded by completed puzzles and colourful puzzle pieces scattered on the surface.

The Piece Maker is not only an exciting television show but also an opportunity to explore the world from the comfort of your home. Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast, art lover, or simply enjoy travel, you won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind show. Tune in to HBO Max on April 1st to join Eric Dowdle on his inspiring journey to create beautiful puzzles that tell a story of each place he visits.

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