Is This The Most Colourful Jigsaw Puzzle In The World?

This year has been drab to say the least. For many of us it has meant we have been confined to our homes, staring at the same four walls day in and day out. 

The days have been dull and devoid of colour. 

So here’s an idea: how about adding some colour to the year and keeping entertained with the most drop dead gorgeous and splendiferously colourful jigsaw puzzles ever made. The best part about these is they can be framed and used as wall art! That’s right - say goodbye to those musty walls and fusty paintings. This could be your next DIY!

Piece by piece these jigsaw puzzles will leave you breathless with their perfect geometry and ardent lustre. These puzzles will keep you absolutely mesmerised:

1000-piece Round Colour Wheel Jigsaw PuzzleIs this the most colourful jigsaw puzzle in the world?

Behold, the most colourful puzzle ever made. It might even have every colour known to man! 😲 This beautiful puzzle is bursting with energy (and you will be too when you see just how vibrant it is in person.) 

Brain Games Blooming Color Jigsaw Puzzle

This is quite possibly the prettiest jigsaw puzzle you’ll ever lay eyes on. 

The meditative effects of puzzling have been well documented. Combined with the sacred geometry of a mandala and this one is sure to help you connect with your higher self and bring a sense of tranquility to your space.

Brain Games Colour Mandala Jigsaw Puzzle


And don’t worry - these round puzzles are super sturdy! Each puzzle has been carefully crafted from 2mm thick premium puzzle board, and finely cut to ensure a snug fit for each piece. They are bound to be a talking point for guests who visit your home for years to come.

So sit back, relax, leave those worries behind, and forget about good old Father Time.

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