The best of r/Jigsawpuzzles 🧩 Funniest Reddit posts of all time

What kind of person doesn't assemble the edges first?! A backward person. A monster. There's no doubt about it — jigsaw puzzles can be seriously, seriously hilarious. Sure, Reddit is where we doomscroll away countless hours of our lives, but it's also where we encounter so many funny jokes that actually do make us laugh out loud. The good folks on the jigsaw puzzle subreddit went all the way in on the hilarity that is puzzling, and we rounded up some of the funniest posts.

r/Jigsawpuzzles 🧩 A place where jigsaw puzzlers can show off. Screen time isn't so bad...

1. "Aren't you The Horse from Horsin' Around?"

Thinking outside the box! 🧠

 2. Not gonna lie I was expecting Waldo...

This is driving someone crazy.



3. "He actually got a box to put the pieces in so we can do it again." 🥺

I see he's into the Ravensburger Puzzle Krypt style.

4. This puzzle doesn't have 9 lives. 🙀

Rest In Pieces.

5. A cinematic masterpiece!
6. We applaud you for refusing to bow down to puzzle convention.
7. He sleeps well knowing he has satisfactorily tormented his humans.
8. This should be a Pixar film...

9. Fun fact: Courteney Cox is Canadian.

She got her start on The Terrence and Phillip Show.

10. You can't even be mad when they look so cute!

11. Dead. 💀 This is a level of evil way beyond my comprehension.

12. NSFW puzzles. 💡 

…butter and sponge cake? (It doesn’t look like SpongeBob.)

13. "are you wearing the-" 

"Chanel boots Jigsaw puzzle heels? Yes, I am."

14. The floor is lava

The polydactyl cat could actually solve the puzzle with them thumbs. 😻

15. Mind = Blown

I don't remember this scene from Final Destination 3.

r/Jigsawpuzzles is the most active jigsaw puzzle forum on the internet. Post a picture of a jigsaw puzzle you completed, find people to exchange puzzles with and ask questions of the community. Happy puzzling!

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