Tessa Thompson's New Hulu Series Inspired by Pandemic Puzzle Craze

A new show inspired by the pandemic puzzle craze is set to hit Disney-owned streaming platform Hulu. The show will be produced by Tessa Thompson and is said to still be in its early stages.
The format for the show is said to be inspired by the show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee", and will involve bringing together two public figures who are unacquainted getting to know each other whilst working together to complete a jigsaw puzzle. The show is expected to provoke thought amongst viewers as the two strangers embark upon candid conversation that inspires and draws the individuals closer. 

Tessa Thompson's new Hulu series will see famous people and celebrities solving jigsaw puzzles


A nation of puzzlers: According to research from Aviva, more than four fifths of UK adults are self-confessed “puzzlers”, with 84% having done the likes of jigsaws, number posers and word challenges in the last 12 months.

Thompson says the show was inspired by her own experience of assembling a jigsaw puzzle together with her own family during the pandemic. Thompson hopes the puzzle will be be able to inspire compelling conversation amongst the strangers; the type she unexpectedly experienced with her own family when doing a puzzle.

The show will draw the spotlight to what we have been saying all along: jigsaw puzzles are the perfect screen-free pastime to connect with loved ones and relax the mind.

The show is as yet untitled. Share which celebrities and public figures you would like to see in the Hulu series in the comments below.


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