Stylist Magazine Loves Rest In Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles

Life is full of puzzles. Those real-life puzzles may not be very fun or elegant. But a jigsaw puzzle is designed to have a satisfying conclusion. For the patient and persistent, jigsaw puzzles can stave off feeling bad, occupying the same neural connections we reserve for anxiety. Puzzlers have shared stories that when they are solving a jigsaw puzzle, they shut out all their worries and focus on matching pieces. Assembling a puzzle is just a constant dopamine hit every time you connect the pieces. Jigsaw puzzles make you feel good! 

Are you sold on how amazing jigsaw puzzles are yet? 😆

Stylist magazine recommends our 1000-piece Colour Spectrum Jigsaw Puzzle as the best of the best for adults! With its vibrant high resolution imagery and unusual circle shape, this puzzle will keep you entertained for hours and hours.

Gone are the days when puzzles were limited to watercolour paintings of the countryside – nowadays, there are thousands of on-trend shapes, patterns and prints to choose from, from circle-shaped Earth puzzles to semi-transparent puzzles made out of acrylic. But this round colour wheel is hands down our favourite (and Stylist Magazine's too)!


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