Mother's Day Gift Guide: I Love You To Pieces Mum ūüß©

Rest. Relaxation. Respite. If you're looking for the best gifts for mum this Mother's Day to reward her for the hard work she's put into raising you, you've come to the right place. Any gift that's centred around one of these three "R" words is exactly what she needs. Especially after the harrowing two years we've just had.

At Rest In Pieces, we've got you covered. We have compiled a list of our most relaxing and gorgeous jigsaw puzzles that will help mum recharge her batteries, relieve stress, and keep her engaged for hours. 

Best gift: For organiser mum

Mother's Day Gift Idea: 1000pc Round Colour Mandala Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy now £24.99, 1000-piece Round Colour Mandala Jigsaw Puzzle

First up, and possibly the most relaxing puzzle of all, we have a gorgeous colourful mandala jigsaw puzzle. The literal meaning of the word mandala is 'circle.' The mandala is a meditative symbol representing our connectedness with nature and with each other.

Perhaps doing this with mum would also be a great way to connect with her!

Best gift: For gardener mum

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Claude Monet Irises in Monet's Garden Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy now £21.99, 1000-piece Irises In Monet's Garden Jigsaw Puzzle

It might be a bit cold outside to do the gardening but that doesn't mean mum can't do some gardening indoors! Did you know gardening improves one's endurance and strength, and is known to also reduce stress levels? Combine that with jigsaw puzzles which are also scientifically shown to reduce stress levels and you have the ultimate recipe for less stress!

And for those of us who don't have gardens - even just seeing images of a garden (such as this gorgeous puzzle with iris flowers in it) is known to help relieve stress!

Best gift: For selfie mum

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy now £19.99, 1000-piece Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Jigsaw Puzzle

How could we let Mother's Day pass without giving a shoutout to the original selfie queen?

Best gift: For art mum

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossoms Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy now £19.99, 1000-piece Van Gogh Almond Blossoms Jigsaw Puzzle

Combine this gorgeous jigsaw puzzle with the Claude Monet Irises in Monet's Garden jigsaw puzzle and your mum could have her very own indoor puzzle conservatory! 

Best gift: For beach mum

Mother's Day Gift Idea: 500-piece L. S. Lowry Yachts Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy now £17.99, 500-piece L. S. Lowry Yachts Jigsaw Puzzle

ÔĽŅWe understand 1000 piece puzzles might not be for everyone, and mum might want a¬†lighter challenge. This one gives that perfect balance between relatively challenging and relatively straightforward. The L. S. Lowry Yachts¬†jigsaw puzzle is also the perfect¬†sea escape for mum without actually¬†escaping to the sea.¬†

So what are you waiting for? Mum needs a good stress-reliever as much as the next person, and jigsaw puzzles are the ultimate way to ensure she gets that relief. She's earned it!

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