Lucky Girl Syndrome: The TikTok Manifestation Trend Is Now A Colouring Book

“I’m so lucky. Everything works out in my favour. Great things are always happening to me.” Britney Spears was onto something.

Have you been on TikTok lately? Chances are, you've stumbled across one of the countless videos about Lucky Girl Syndrome. TikTokers claim they have manifested everything from a fancy job promotion to buying a dream house by using positive affirmations and unwavering self-belief.

The concept is straightforward: By focusing on positivity and expecting good things to happen, you can attract abundance and success into your life. "It's all too easy to fall into negative self-talk and convince ourselves that we'll never achieve our goals," explains Anna Grace Newell, an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher who has practiced this technique for years. "But Lucky Girl Syndrome challenges you to expect the best possible outcome and repeat empowering phrases like 'the best things always happen to me.'"

Interestingly, this approach is not a new concept and is rooted in spiritual practices and teachings like Neville Goddard's law of attraction . And despite its name, Lucky Girl Syndrome is not limited to one gender!

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Are you curious about TikTok's latest spiritual trend? Let's dive into everything you need to know about Lucky Girl Syndrome:

What is Lucky Girl Syndrome, exactly?

It's the belief that you can manifest the things you desire, such as luck, money, or love, by repeating positive affirmations and truly believing in their realisation. While it's easier said than done, this practice differs slightly from manifestation, according to Nicolle Merrilyne, an intuitive healer and spiritual mentor. "Lucky Girl Syndrome involves elevating your vibration to a more positive or higher frequency," she explains. "When we operate on this level, we become more open to good things happening in our lives."

This phenomenon centres on the belief that maintaining a positive mindset can shape your reality. Essentially, your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For instance, imagine you have an important work presentation looming, and all you can think is, "I'm going to fail." If you keep telling yourself that, you might start to notice evidence that supports this negative belief. Maybe you oversleep, your computer crashes, and you spill coffee on your shirt.

But what if you repeated positive affirmations like, "I am lucky, and everything always works out for me, including this presentation?" Perhaps things would unfold differently. When you oversleep, you appreciate the extra rest and don't miss your morning caffeine fix as much. When your computer acts up, you're still human and sigh, but you're grateful it happened before the big moment.

In the second scenario, you harness the power of your mindset to focus on the positive aspects of each experience. And even if nothing else, isn't that a more enjoyable way to approach life?

The Manifestation Colouring Book for Adults

Does Lucky Girl Syndrome work?

According to Anna Grace Newell, an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher, Lucky Girl Syndrome can be effective. To test the technique, she said to herself before leaving for the coffee shop, "I'm so lucky. I'm going to get a free cup of coffee today." Although no cute boys or business partners paid for her coffee, she met a woman who complimented her jacket and turned out to be opening a coffee shop down the street. The woman gave Newell a coupon for a free cup of coffee for her next visit.

Nicolle Merrilyne, an intuitive healer and spiritual mentor, had her own lucky moment while rushing to catch a flight. She repeated the mantra, "I am so lucky; I'm going to get on this flight," and not only made it through security just in time, but also scored an aisle seat in the exit row with the whole row to herself.

While these are small examples, people online claim to have achieved even larger goals with Lucky Girl Syndrome. Kelli Steckler, founder of the Well Well Co, said her husband got a significant raise after using the technique. Another TikToker used the method to find a new home with her partner. Steckler believes that consistent action creates luck, and embodying the idea that "things will work out" can lead to amazing results. It's definitely worth a try!

A listicle of Lucky Girl Syndrome affirmations

What are some Lucky Girl affirmations I can use?

Trying different affirmations can help some people to reframe events in their mind, find new ways of thinking, and focus on potential positive outcomes over negative ones. To maximise their effectiveness, try reciting them as you fall asleep or upon waking up, when your brain waves are slowest and most receptive to information. Popular lucky girl mantras include:

  • I am lucky; everything works out for me.
  • The Universe is always on my side.
  • I have all the luck in the world.
  • Everything is possible because I am alive.
  • I get help from the right people at the right time always.
  • Opportunities are abundant in this world and I get them easily.

Lucky Girl Syndrome: The TikTok Manifestation Trend Is Now A Colouring Book 🖍️

Looking to manifest some luck in your life? You might want to try out The Affirmations Colouring Book on Amazon. Using the Lucky Girl Syndrome method, the book features 50 pages of positive affirmations and mantras that you can colour in while meditating on your goals and desires.

A colouring page from the adult colouring book titled Lucky Girl Syndrome Manifestation Colouring Book

The act of colouring itself can be a calming, meditative experience, and combining it with the power of manifestation can help bring those positive intentions to life. Whether you're looking to attract abundance, love, success, or simply more joy into your life, The Affirmations Colouring Book can help you get there. And the best part? It's a fun and creative way to do it!


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