1000-piece Marc Chagall The Circus Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

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Lines, angles, triangles, squares, carried me far away to enchanting horizons.” Marc Chagall's distinct abstract style is remastered as a deceptively difficult one-thousand piece puzzle.

Chagall often said “love” was the main colour of his paintings. "If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing."

The circus became one of Chagall's favourite subjects during his early years in Paris, and remained so throughout his career. His experience and memory of clowns, acrobats and young ladies on horseback lay at the heart of his personal mythology.

"It is a magic word, circus, a timeless dancing game where tears and smiles, the play of arms and legs take the form of a great art. The circus seems to me like the most tragic show on earth."


  • 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle on 2mm premium board
  • Crafted from the highest resolution image taken of Marc Chagall, The Circus Horse, acrylic on canvas, 1964 artwork
  • Complete puzzle size: 26.5 x 19.25 inches
  • Superior quality 250 GSM matte art paper for superior colour, crisp details and no glare
  • The unique smart cut pieces are precision-cut from thick 2mm cardboard to ensure a frustration-free fit with minimal puzzle dust
  • Made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable-based ink, this famous art jigsaw puzzle is a safe and non-toxic product
  • Box size: 14 x 10 inches
  • On SALE for a limited time only

Age-proof your brain with this mind-tickling jigsaw puzzle where you will discover Chagall's style of merging colours on a whole new level. Eurographics designs eye-catching and satisfying thematic puzzles where the art takes centre stage.

Both mindful and beautiful, this puzzle is a great way to experience art through a different lens. (And, if desired, you can frame the completed jigsaw puzzle.) Enjoy the concrete method of overcoming the one-thousand piece challenge highlighting the beauty behind the often-overlooked details in Chagall's surreal and whimsical painting.