1000-piece Wassily Kandinsky Colour Study Jigsaw Puzzle

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These days it seems nothing is more abstract than reality... At least you have control over this 1,000-piece puzzle. Kind of.

The Wassily Kandinsky Colour Study Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for a night in. Crafted from the highest resolution images ever taken of Wassily Kandinsky's Colour Study: Squares with Concentric Circles masterpiece, the Rest In Pieces Fine Art Puzzle can be used as a permanent fixture on the wall and will provide you with hours of screen-free entertainment and tranquility. Piece by piece, you’ll see Kandinsky’s playful abstract art come together in all its deceptively simple lustre.

  • 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle on 2mm premium board
  • Wassily Kandinsky Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913 artwork
  • Crisp, vibrant, high-res imagery
  • Precisely cut for snug fit with minimal puzzle dust
  • 26.6 x 19.25 inch / 676 x 489 mm when completed
  • Discounted for a limited time only.

Legend has it that Kandinsky literally saw colour whenever he heard music, and heard music as he painted. He asserted that colour had the ability to put people in touch with their spiritual selves. This piece in particular was a small study into how he conceived colour combinations in his other works. And although the artwork looks deceptively simple, the puzzle poses a commendable challenge.