1000-piece Psychedelic Colour Flower Dance Jigsaw Puzzle

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Catch a kaleidoscopic wave of colour from our trippy, dimensional jigsaw puzzle - the perfect pastime to brighten your mood.

Groovy, baby, yeah! Flower Dance is one of the most visually beautiful puzzle challenges that you can tackle, the pop art aesthetic and detailed design displays different plants full with imagination in paisley shape - and in the boldest colour way: the rainbow! The illustration is quite distinctive, which lends itself perfectly to be used in other means - such as a jigsaw puzzle.

Glimpse into the otherworldly and choose this vibrant puzzle, and you'll actually create a work of art in the process. This experience is not only a great challenge and an immersive experience but also a creative process exploring the potent psychedelic bold, geometric patterns. You get to really see the fluid and flexible work of art come together on a whole new level. Seriously—this pop art puzzle is worth framing once you're done.


  • 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle made from recycled card
  • Square-shaped jigsaw puzzle
  • The pieces are precision-cut from thick 2mm cardboard to ensure a frustration-free fit with minimal puzzle dust
  • Crisp, vibrant, high-res imagery printed with vegetable-based ink, this multicoloured jigsaw puzzle is a safe and non-toxic product
  • 24 by 24 inch / 67.6 by 67.6 cm square when completed
  • Discounted for a limited time only

Gone are the days of tired and outdated puzzles; now, puzzles are rejuvenated and exciting, emblazed with modern luxe art and non-traditional shapes. Flower Dance uses ideas from visual illusions… to make this the most interesting puzzle you’ve ever solved. Similar to solving jigsaw puzzles, in psychedelic folklore, it is believed that psychedelic compounds lead to “Aha” or eureka moments, and that answers can be revealed during a trip in one fell swoop. 

This year, when searching for a great birthday gift, why not pick a puzzle, the unsung hero of 2020? Jigsaw puzzles for adults are an exceptional idea, one often overlooked. Unlike a picture that hangs on your wall, puzzles keep you engaged. For hours, you examine and study each piece and every detail. They're great for family bonding, solo time, and can even spark some good conversations, depending on the subject of said puzzle - this one being psychoactive art. 😂