1000-piece Claude Monet Iris Mauves Jigsaw Puzzle

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Do I look like I'm made of Monet? 🧩

Claude Monet's Iris Mauve is a painting from his series of water lily and garden paintings, which he worked on for the last thirty years of his life. The painting features a close-up view of a cluster of mauve irises blooming in a garden pond, with their reflections shimmering on the water's surface.

Monet was captivated by the play of light and colour in nature, and he sought to capture these fleeting effects in his paintings. Iris Mauves is a beautiful example of his mastery of light and color. The 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle captures every detail of Monet's painting dominated by shades of purple, from the deep violet of the iris petals to the pale lavender of the water's reflections.

Experience the Artistic Brilliance of Monet with 'Iris Mauves' EuroGraphics Jigsaw Puzzle

Product Description:

  • Smart cut technology with unique part shapes
  • Special puzzle cardboard
  • Mirror-free matte paint
  • Finished Puzzle Size: 19.25" x 26.5"
  • Box size: 10" x 14" x 2.37"
  • Strong high-quality puzzle pieces
  • Made from recycled board and printed with vegetable based ink

Now, puzzle enthusiasts can experience the beauty of Iris Mauves in a whole new way. The brushstrokes in the painting are loose and impressionistic, conveying the sense of movement and vitality in the scene. Monet was known for his use of broken colour and quick brushwork, which created a sense of vibrancy and immediacy in his paintings.

Iris Mauves was painted in 1914, during a difficult period in Monet's life. His beloved wife Alice had recently died, and he was struggling with failing eyesight and declining health. Despite these challenges, Monet continued to paint, finding solace and inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounded him.

I did it for the Monet.