500-piece Jean-Michel Basquiat Horn Players Jigsaw Puzzle

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In Basquiat's 1983 masterpiece, "Horn Players," the essence of his artistic prowess is on full display.

Welcome to the crossroads of creativity and relaxation! If you're searching for a novel way to channel your inner artistic spirit while unwinding, look no further. Rest In Pieces, the pioneers of puzzle craftsmanship, have once again struck gold with their latest masterpiece: the 500-piece Jean-Michel Basquiat "Horn Players" Jigsaw Puzzle.

As you dive into this puzzle, you're not just piecing together fragments of cardboard; you're delving into the mind of a revolutionary artist. Each piece holds the potential to unlock a new facet of Basquiat's genius, revealing the intricate details and raw emotion behind "Horn Players."

Horn Players is a 1983 acrylic and oil stick painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat who is considered one of the most remarkable new-age painters, even going so far as receiving the moniker, "Black Picasso".

  • Finished puzzle size: 35.6 x 47 cm
  • Box size: 16.51 x 5.08 x 20.96 cm
  • Officially licensed premium reproduction of Jean-Michel Basquiat Horn Players, 1983
  • Strong high-quality puzzle pieces
  • Made from recycled board and printed with vegetable based ink
  • This book shaped keepsake box has a magnetic closure and looks great on the bookshelf or coffee table

This triptych, featuring half-length portraits flanking its sides, offers a captivating glimpse into Basquiat's distinctive style. Within its composition, Basquiat intertwines drawings and words, some of which he deliberately crosses out—a characteristic move that adds layers to the narrative. Amidst the vibrant chaos, swathes of white paint emerge, simultaneously accentuating the stark black background while veiling underlying elements. Particularly striking are the repeated motifs strewn across all three panels—words like "DIZZY," "ORNITHOLOGY," "PREE," and "TEETH" echo throughout, inviting viewers into Basquiat's enigmatic world of expression.