1000-piece Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossom Jigsaw Puzzle

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This beautiful jigsaw puzzle will make your space positively blossom...

This frame-worthy jigsaw puzzle will leave you entertained for hours and adorn your home for years. The Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossom Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for a night in. Crafted from the highest resolution images ever taken of Vincent Van Gogh's Almond Blossom masterpiece, the Rest In Pieces Fine Art Puzzle can be used as a permanent fixture on the wall and will provide you with hours of screen-free entertainment and tranquility. Piece by piece, you’ll see Van Gogh’s intricate and masterful Japan-inspired impressionism art blossom before your eyes with remarkable clarity.

  • 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle on 2mm premium board
  • Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossoms, 1888-1890 artwork
  • Crisp, vibrant, high-res imagery
  • Precisely cut for snug fit with minimal puzzle dust
  • 26.6 x 19.21 inch / 676 x 488 mm when completed
  • Discounted for a limited time only.

Flowering trees were considered special to Van Gogh. To him they were symbolic of awakening and hope. The "Almond Blossom" painting was actually a present to his newborn nephew, who was also his namesake. And so, this beautiful piece also represents an act of love. Not only do we guarantee that this gorgeous jigsaw puzzle will make your space blossom, but that it will also make you feel hopeful, just as Van Gogh intended. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Flowers on Mother's Day isn't exactly a novel idea, but a 1000-piece Spring-themed jigsaw puzzle is. Here's a beautiful jigsaw puzzle that your mother will actually spend time putting together time and time again, not just for Mothering Sunday.