750-piece Heart-Shaped Flower Arrangement Jigsaw Puzzle

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Show someone you truly love them with flowers that will actually last a lifetime 🥰 ...

NEW: limited edition puzzle

Nothing says "I love you to pieces 🧩" like a thoughtful and unique-shaped jigsaw puzzle. Flowers for mum (or dad) are classic, if not a little trite. Try mixing things up with a high-quality jigsaw puzzle. Not only is it a fun and engaging activity to do together, but it also shows someone you truly love them with its vibrant floral design. So, don't settle for a last-minute bodega bouquet at the garage, get your loved one flowers that will last more than a week!


  • 750-piece shaped puzzle – The Flora Heart jigsaw puzzle from Galison is just the right amount of challenging and exciting, providing hours of fun. The box includes an insert with the puzzle image for reference.
  • Spectacular details – This exceptional jigsaw puzzle features the beautiful photographic artwork of Julie Seabrook Ream. Julie highlights the vivid and bold world of flowers in this challenging and uniquely shaped jigsaw puzzle.
  • This puzzle is eco-friendly and sustainable – Puzzle greyboard contains 90% recycled paper. Packaging contains 70% recycled paper and is made responsibly from FSC-certified material. The puzzle is printed with nontoxic vegetable-based ink.
  • Sturdy storage box  The matte-finish storage box shows the completed puzzle artwork and is an ideal place to keep pieces safe, together, and free from damage. Also, it makes a wonderful gift!
  • Flawless fit – The 750 puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy.
  • Dimensions – Box: 11.25 X 8.25 X 2”, 286 x 210 x 51 mm / Puzzle: 20 x 20”, 508 x 508mm

About the Artist:

Artist Julie Seabrook Ream has been arranging everyday objects to form brilliant photo sets that mirror the colours of the rainbow. Using delicious foods, art supplies, and objects from nature, Ream has created collections that feature spectacular, visual motifs and an incredible amount of liveliness.

This multicoloured extravaganza is actually part of an ongoing series created by Ream on Instagram. For her #100daysofrainbows project, the artist pledged to create a rainbow from items that could be found both inside and directly outside of her home. Thus far, she has experimented with seashells, books, stamps, and even with recycled cans on Earth Day. As you scroll through her Instagram feed, you can't help but feel uplifted by the coloration and style of Ream's artistic dedication.

I can buy myself flowers... 🎤🎶