1000-piece Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Over The Rhone Jigsaw Puzzle

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Rhone wasn't built in a day...

The Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Over The Rhone Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for a night in. Crafted from the highest resolution images ever taken of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Over The Rhone masterpiece, the Rest In Pieces Fine Art Puzzle can be used as a permanent fixture on the wall and will provide you with hours of screen-free entertainment and tranquility. Piece by piece, you’ll see Van Gogh’s intricate and masterful post-impressionism art come together in all its velvety blue glory.

  • 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle on 2mm premium board
  • Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Over The Rhone, 1888 artwork
  • Crisp, vibrant, high-res imagery
  • Precisely cut for snug fit with minimal puzzle dust
  • 26.89 x 18.89 inch / 683 x 480 mm when completed
  • Discounted for a limited time only.

The night sky was a common thread in many of Van Gogh's most famous paintings. To him, the challenge of painting at night was intriguing. Sitting for hours along the banks of the Rhone, Van Gogh was able to perfectly capture the brilliant incandescence of the stars in the night sky being refracted in the deep velvety blues of both water and sky. Two lovers can also be seen strolling along the banks in the foreground. Perhaps you may be enticed to complete this one under the dim light of the moon and stars, just as Van Gogh when he painted it.

Our puzzles are for everyone. Except T-Rexes, their hands are not built for fine motor movement. 😅