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Wordle is a deceptively simple guessing game where players are given six chances to guess a five letter word. A new 'wordle' is released every 24 hours, but for some, the wait between 'wordles' is just too long to bear. So if you're looking for something just as stimulating but also gives your brain a chance to slow down then you've come to the right place.

Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect Wordle substitute. They're both calming yet challenging. And the best thing is they don't rely on flashing screens or distracting pop-ups. They're also the perfect entertainment for large groups of people or for those of us who prefer to do our challenges alone. Here are the gorgeous jigsaw puzzles we recommend for those seeking out that blissful feeling you get when you complete today's Wordle:

Best: For speedy progress


1000pc Rainbow Colour Wheel Jigsaw Puzzle


The humble jigsaw puzzle has gotten a rebrand with a unique circle shape and vibrant geometric artwork. Although it is not the hardest jigsaw puzzle, this Pantone palette is also far from the easiest, as the colour coding of each section in this rainbow jigsaw puzzle is the perfect puzzle strategy to utilise when completing this.

Buy now £19.99, 1000-piece Colour Wheel Jigsaw Puzzle

Best: For the Jedi Jigsaw Master


1000pc Double Sided Round Star Wars Death Star Jigsaw Puzzle


This jaw-dropping round puzzle consists of the second Death Star from Return of the Jedi that is still under construction as it orbits the forest moon of Endor. This particular puzzle is also double-sided, meaning you can piece it together again once you've completed one side if you're seeking an extra challenge. The alternate side features a detailed diagram of the Death Star!

Buy now £25, 1000-piece Star Wars Death Star Jigsaw Puzzle

Best: For a brain teasing challenge


1000pc Circle-Shaped Colourful Mandala Jigsaw Puzzle


If you fancy yourself a pro puzzler, dare to solve this multicoloured mandala jigsaw puzzle. This circle-shaped 1000-piecer is very hard and fun, but might lead to some ‘Jack from The Shining’ moments. But don't let that put you off. This beautiful puzzle will keep you entertained for hours. All work and all play makes Jack a [opposite to] dull boy.

Buy now £24.99, 1000-piece Round Colour Mandala Jigsaw Puzzle

 Best: For anyone who thinks puzzling isn’t cool


Red Geode-Inspired Laser-cut Jigsaw Puzzle


Didn’t know puzzles could be luxurious? You do now. This fancy geode-inspired jigsaw has thick pieces made from sustainably sourced wood that slot beautifully into place. Each piece is thick and chunky, and cut using lasers so everything just fits perfectly. One of the most satisfying sensations is running your hand over the fiendishly difficult finished puzzle – it moves in a fluid ripple. Check out the piece shapes!

Buy now £30, 159-piece Unique Shaped Red Agate Jigsaw Puzzle

Best: For art lovers 

1000pc L. S. Lowry Going To Work Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzle


If you prefer a puzzle wish a dash of art history, remake L. S. Lowry's iconic Going To Work with this 1000-piece puzzle. A thousand pieces of tiny brushstrokes should provide hours of infuriatingly good fun. The puzzle is maddening, difficult but not too difficult, and you will really see Lowry's painting on a whole new intimate level. The many off-white pieces makes this puzzle one of the most difficult options on this list. 

Buy now £19.99, 1000-piece L. S. Lowry Going To Work Jigsaw Puzzle

Best: For strategic thinking


750pc Unique Shaped Geometric Art Jigsaw Puzzle


Another brilliantly infuriating puzzle, is the 750-piece reproduction of Frank Stella's iconic painting Firuzabad. With vibrant bold hues dominating the image, plus repetitive geometric patterns, this is not a walk in the park. Mercifully there’s an A4 poster for reference, but this can sometimes hinder as you’re working across different scales. It requires time, strategic thinking and ideally a couple of helpers! Rest assured, it isn’t so difficult that you’ll be tearing your hair out but still provides a healthy challenge. It’s also a puzzle you will want to keep around once built.

Buy now £21.99, 750-piece Frank Stella Firuzabad Unique Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

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