Peace by Piece: The Sun's Fabulous Magazine Recommends Rest in Pieces

What is it with us humans that makes us love to take on a challenge at our own leisure? Instead of spending a rainy day lying on our back and looking at the ceiling, we choose to do something that teases our brain a good deal? You know, like grabbing a handful of pieces from the world's hardest jigsaw puzzle, pouring them all out, and submitting ourselves to the challenge. When you think of it, it does sound kinda weird, right? Well, weirdos or not, we share the passion for hardest puzzles, and The Sun's Fabulous magazine recommends our round zodiac jigsaw puzzle you'll have a hard-yet-pleasurable time assembling.

The 1000-piece circular horoscope-inspired jigsaw puzzle isn't just hard because of it's weird-shaped pieces. It is hard because of the images it displays, too.

Fabulous magazine cover star Kate Middleton recommends Rest In Pieces 500-piece Round Astrology Jigsaw Puzzle

Written In The Stars

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Emma Ledger, Editor of Fabulous, put together a handy astrology gift guide to help you find the best birthday (or just-because) gift for your avid puzzler loved one.

Puzzle tip: when it comes to jigsaw puzzles, take the same rule in finishing as you do with books: just enjoy the ride, don’t worry about getting to the destination.

500-piece Circle-Shaped Astrology Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy now £21.99, 500-piece Round Signs of the Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle

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