Puzzleception: Jigsaw Puzzle Prank Goes Too Far on TikTok 🧩😂

This is why you should never post photos of yourself doing a jigsaw puzzle on social media. 🤯

If you're a fan of jigsaw puzzles and enjoy a good prank, then you'll love this story. It all started in early 2021 when Chris Arnold, a Bristol-based comedian, posted a photo of himself with a completed jigsaw puzzle of a harbour scene on social media. Little did he know that this innocent post would lead to a never-ending puzzle inception.

After completing the puzzle, Chris became the subject of the next one, and then another one, and another one, and so on. He found himself stuck in a recursive loop of jigsaw puzzles, where each completed puzzle would lead to another one with a picture of himself completing the previous puzzle. It's like a puzzle within a puzzle within a puzzle, ad infinitum.

What a puzzling situation.

@chrisarnoldinc This is why you should never post photos of yourself doing jigsaws on social media. #comedy #standup #jigsaws #prank #punked #puzzle #inception #lessonlearned ♬ original sound - Chris Arnold

Chris chronicled his plight in a viral TikTok video, where he humorously recounts the story of how he got pranked with recursive jigsaw puzzles. He tells the story of how he received the first puzzle in the mail, thinking it was a gift from a fan, only to discover that it was a picture of himself completing the harbour scene puzzle. The next puzzle was a picture of himself completing the puzzle with the picture of himself completing the harbour scene puzzle, and so on.

At this point, Chris was stuck in a puzzle inception, unable to escape the endless cycle of puzzles. He tried to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible, hoping that it would bring an end to the prank, but to no avail. Each completed puzzle only led to another one, with the picture of himself completing the previous one. How far down the rabbit hole can this go?

The prankster behind the recursive jigsaw puzzles remains a mystery, but it's clear that they have a great sense of humor and a love for puzzles. Chris has since stopped sharing his mailing address to prevent any further puzzles from arriving, but who knows if the prankster will find a way to get around that. "I'm sure it will all come together" one TikToker commented.

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Making memories. Literally. 🧩

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