Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention: The Must-Attend Event

Get ready to experience the ultimate gathering of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts! The Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is not your ordinary puzzle meet-up. It's an extraordinary event that brings together thousands of passionate puzzlers from all over the world, for the annual "The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge."

What is "The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge," you ask? It's a colossal puzzle challenge that evolves each year. In the past, attendees have attempted to complete a 54,000-piece puzzle, "Travel Around Art!," the world's largest commercially available puzzle. This mural-like puzzle measures 7.7 meters long and 2 meters high, showcasing 50 classic paintings from around the world.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and join other puzzle buffs for a weekend filled with exciting events, workshops, competitions, and swaps? If so, mark your calendars for the next Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

What is the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention? 🧩

The Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention (JPiC) is an annual event that brings together jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts and puzzle companies from around the world. The convention is organised by JPiC®️, a company dedicated to the promotion of the jigsaw puzzle community and industry.

JPiC is an opportunity for puzzle lovers to come together, share their passion for puzzling, meet new friends, and participate in a variety of activities such as puzzle competitions, collaborative puzzling events, arts and crafts, keynote speeches, and more.

Upcoming Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention:

Berlin, Germany — 18-20 May, 2023 🇩🇪

Mark your calendars and get ready for the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention (JPiC®️) in Berlin, Germany! From May 18 to May 20, 2023, puzzlers from all over the world will gather at the Estrel Berlin Hotel and Convention Center for this exciting event. Visitors can look forward to participating in the Ultimate Challenge, assembling puzzles of Germany, shopping for puzzles, meeting puzzle artists and influencers, listening to incredible guest speakers, exchanging jigsaw puzzles on site, and much more.

This year's "The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge" is in celebration of 100 years of Disney. I'm officially excited!

The convention also features an exhibition by Ravensburger, one of the world's leading puzzle brands, which is also the exclusive preferred partner of JPiC.

Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of it all – secure your tickets to JPiC today!

Past Jigsaw Puzzle International Conventions: 🌍

2022: Viva Las Vegas 🇺🇸

The first Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention was hosted in Las Vegas over the weekend of July 8-10, 2022, and it aimed to bring together puzzle enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and influencers to celebrate the hobby. The convention featured various events and activities, including workshops, puzzle competitions, and puzzle swaps.

One of the most exciting events was "The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge," where attendees attempted to complete a 54,000-piece puzzle titled "Travel Around Art!" produced by puzzle company Grafika. The puzzle, measuring 7.7 meters long and 2 meters high, featured a mural of 50 classic paintings from around the world and was touted as the world's largest commercially available puzzle at the time.

Although completing the puzzle in three days was an exceedingly tight time frame, dozens of participants worked tirelessly to piece the puzzle together. The convention was a huge success and brought together puzzle enthusiasts from around the world.

Puzzling is for everyone

Rose Catherine Khan, a professional artist who designs illustrations for jigsaw puzzles, tells us the wellness hobby has a much more diverse following than people give it credit for. 

"As I told my friends and family members about this convention... I think they had this idea that everybody was going to be, like, geriatric or something," she said. "I think it's absolutely, completely false. And I could tell you as somebody who is in the industry, that my audience is definitely all across the board, from children to people who are teenagers to adults.

100,000 of my puzzles have sold worldwide. And the thing about that is, I don't know who buys those puzzles. I'm excited to have a chance to interact with people who all share the same common point of enjoyment: basically, who all love puzzles."

Get ready to break down the puzzle stereotypes because Ryan Bronner is shaking things up in the puzzling world! He may not fit the traditional image of a puzzle enthusiast, but that doesn't stop him from being "a massive jigsaw puzzle-head." His Instagram and TikTok accounts are filled with pictures of his puzzle hauls and completed frames, and he's ready to take on the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention.

"I'm a young Black male. Dreads. You know," said Bronner, who describes himself as "a massive jigsaw puzzle-head."

"When I tell my friends and family I'm going to Las Vegas, their instant thought is, oh man he's going to go down there and party. I say I'm going down there for a jigsaw puzzle convention, and it's almost like, crickets of amazement."

But he's proud to be breaking down the puzzling stereotypes and showing that anyone can enjoy the hobby.

So if you've been hesitant to get into puzzling because you think it's only for certain age groups, think again! It's time to join the puzzle party and see what all the fuss is about. Come along, get your puzzle on, and be a part of something truly extraordinary! No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert puzzler, you will surely fit in!

Buy your tickets for International Jigsaw Puzzle Convention here!

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