Peace by Piece: Idler Magazine Recommends Rest in Pieces Puzzles

Some people like the challenge. For others, it’s a way to unwind after a hectic day. Whatever the reason, jigsaw puzzles have a lot of fans. Die-hard fans include Tatler's Deputy Features Editor Annabel Sampson and Harper's Bazaar Commissioning Editor Charlotte Brook, who ever-so-kindly featured Rest In Pieces in their column The Good Stuff in Idler magazine's latest edition #83 TV Royalty. 

Idler's The Good Stuff features Rest In Pieces jigsaw puzzle in the register of booming businesses.

The Good Stuff

Our regular register of booming businesses by Annabel Sampson and Charlotte Brook

Piece of Mind

Rest in Pieces is the idyllic name of a group of UK jigsaw enthusiasts who design puzzles that make you want to stop and clock-off for a while. The RIP ethos very much aligns with the Idler's, with entries on their news blog The Puzzle Times ranging from instructive tips on treating rest as a skill, essays on how beneficial jigsaws are for mental health and an A-Z of celebrity puzzlers. 

They also offer a guide to a dating app where you can reveal the face of your future love by solving a jigsaw. But if like us you'd rather keep things analogue, we recommend spending a happy afternoon working on one of RIP's divine 1,000-piecers. Star Wars and Botticelli's Venus are two favourites - or for beginners, the cosmic cross-section Red Agate has a mere 159 pieces.

Idler Magazine No. 83 March/April Edition

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Dominic West


We could not agree more Dominic. With a subscription to suit everyone, you should really add Idler to your Kindle reading list.

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