How Jigsaw Puzzles Can Save the World

What makes jigsaw puzzles so satisfying? Is it the sense of accomplishment we get after finding two perfectly matching pieces? Is it the strengthening of concentration levels and the formation of new neural pathways? Is it seeing the puzzle come together piece by piece which provides a visual and physical representation of progress and order? This can be especially satisfying in a world that often feels chaotic.

Well, how about, none of the above? Jigsaw puzzles are satisfying because they have the power to save the world! Literally. I bet you've never heard that one before.

New York Times best-selling author and puzzle enthusiast, A. J. Jacobs, has released a book called 'The Puzzler', in which he makes the case for solving the world's most baffling puzzles ever—from crosswords to jigsaw puzzles. Before writing the book, Jacobs signed his family up for the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship. How did he and his family get there? It's not because they're brilliant at puzzles.


The cover of A. J. Jacobs' book, 'The Puzzler'

Three years prior, Jacobs signed up to write a book on puzzles and why millions around the world obsess over them. He set out to explore the idea that puzzles are not a waste of time and are, in fact, a force for good.

Initially, jigsaws were Jacobs' least favourite type of puzzles. But he knew he had to write on them. He felt they were more of a chore than a joy; that they lacked nuance and surprise. Boy, was he wrong. After throwing himself into the deepend and practicing for the puzzle championship, Jacobs became a convert to the cause.

So what did he learn from months of doing jigsaw puzzles and entering the world championship?

Although Jacobs and his family came second last, he felt part of a community that transcended national borders. He got to spend time with his wife and kids, made friends with puzzlers from other countries, and even got given a stuffed animal from the Russian team who won the championship.

AJ Jacobs and his family at the World Jigsaw Puzzle championship 2019

A. J. Jacobs and his family at the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship 2019

All of this corroborates Harvard law professor and behavioural economist Cass Sunstein's findings: that one of the only activities which could bridge the gap between liberals and conservatives was solving puzzles together.

Then you have the other mental health benefits of jigsaw puzzles: They are meditative. They help keep our minds off our personal problems. By turning chaos into order, they provide comfort when life feels overwhelming. They bring a sense of closure and certainty. They foster cooperation between people and are a fun way to reduce tension in relationships. They can induce a flow state, making hours seem like minutes.

While jigsaw puzzles may not solve global crises directly, their benefits can improve individual well-being and foster positive social interactions, which collectively contribute to a healthier and more connected world.

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