Harry Styles You Are Home: Piecing Together the 'Harry's House' Puzzle

Harry Styles has become known for teasing his next projects with cryptic puzzles, websites and social media accounts (remember Eroda?), and big mysterious billboards and adverts (remember DYKWYA?). Harry Styles fans have uncovered a website called You Are Home which has now been linked to theories about his new album - it's all very puzzling!

Harry Styles fans discovered a mysterious new website called YouAreHome.co days before Harry confirmed his highly-anticipated HS3 album, 'Harry's House', is in fact dropping this year. Now, all eyes on YouAreHome.co and its many apparent connections to Harry. Is it all promo for the album? Is it a hint at some lyrics from HS3? Is Harry starting an interior design company? Let's piece this puzzle together, shall we?

Rumours, theories and unconfirmed reports about the forthcoming HS3 have been circulating for a couple of months now. Towards the end of his Love On Tour US leg, theories about Harry's new colour scheme sparked speculation that a new era was on the way. A couple of months later, a TikTok account with the username @suemonella started sharing videos linked to Harry. The latest in Harry’s new album clues went viral online, with many theories circulating about what the website could mean and how it links to the upcoming album.

YouAreHome.co is a website that leads users to an image of a door. When you hover your mouse over the door, it opens slightly to reveal a glimpse at a pattern hidden inside. The website is accompanied by a Twitter account of the same name which started tweeting on March 18th. One day later, the account tweeted: "the door is open, come on in".

Harry Styles You Are Home: 'Harry's House' jigsaw puzzle in the door artwork.


It appears as though the pattern behind the door changes each day at 4pm UK time, and is accompanied by a new cryptic tweet that may or may not be lyrics from the new album. So far, three images have been seen behind the door, two of which appear to be parts of book covers and one we are most excited by - a jigsaw puzzle! 

"Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

- Alice In Wonderland.

Hundreds of guesses linking the puzzling artwork to what his next album could possibly be teasing exploded across Twitter, some even speculating that the theme of his next era could be related to Alice in Wonderland. Several other images of what appeared behind the door popped up over the next few days, changing ever so often from a red and blue gradient, to the Earth, to a mushroom jigsaw puzzle, and finally Harry.

We think Harry Styles fan Cassie Jones has solved the You Are Home puzzle: 

The One Direction star has also shared the fancy album artwork - which sees him in a typically-aesthetically-pleasing, upside-down living room, as well as a video teaser for the record featuring what could possibly be new music. We thought Harry's living room walls were looking a little too bare, so we added the Gustav Klimt The Kiss fine art jigsaw puzzle that doubles as wall art. Cue the internet literally breaking.

Harry Styles third album Harry's World spoof. 'You Are Home' with Rest In Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles display as wall art.


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