Google Fuchsia OS Jigsaw Is A Puzzle Within A Puzzle

What was intended as an internal thank you gift to the Fuchsia OS development team from Google, a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle has been leaked on eBay and Twitter has gone wild trying to decipher the hidden clues of Google's new brand system. It's a puzzle within a puzzle!

The Fuchsia operating system is built from scratch and is not based on anything prior. It is predicted to surpass Android. The internet eagerly watches every new step this baby takes.

You can see that the jigsaw puzzle features a variety of words, phrases, and names. Taking the puzzle at face value, it consists of the names of individual team members; seemingly a Google hall of fame... However, die-hard fans believe this to be a huge spoiler! The variety of words, phrases and names is believed to reveal the idea that Fuchsia is built around understanding nouns and verbs. Users will talk to Google's new operating system, in a similar manner to the Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon's Alexa. It's a desktop no more!

Another major component of the jigsaw puzzle’s design is a flowing wave aesthetic. On the side of the box we can find info about the design’s meaning:

"The wordmark and air-flow visual motif featured on this puzzle are part of Fuchsia’s new brand system. The style is a nod to the artistry of the technological foundation we are building together."

We think the design looks awfully like sound waves... 🤔 Will speech be taking over the keyboard in the future of computing?

The birthing of Fuchsia is undoubtedly an occasion to be celebrated, and what more appropriate a way than with a jigsaw puzzle, a medium that experienced a renaissance during the era of social distancing. Unsurprisingly, the eBay listing of the Fuchsia OS jigsaw puzzle has been removed, so I guess we will be solving the next best thing...

Do you dare to solve the most challenging
1000-piece Round Colour Vector Jigsaw Puzzle?

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