Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023: The Best Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts For Puzzler Dads

Ran out of ideas on what to give dad this Father's Day? Or perhaps you're deciding on the perfect activity to do with the family. Look no further - I have the perfect solution for you: nothing says I love your to pieces dad more than a jigsaw puzzle. 🧩

I have compiled a list of the ultimate Father's Day jigsaw puzzles for all the types of dads there are out there. You may find your dad fits into more than one of these categories. Fathers are complicated creatures, after all.

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1. Yoda best dad! 

Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2023: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Jigsaw Puzzle

Your dad might not have the same kind of authoritarian approach to ruling the household as Darth Vader did to the Empire – and hopefully not the same parenting techniques – but he can still recreate one of cinema’s most iconic characters with this 1000-piece Star Wars Millennium Falcon Jigsaw Puzzle.

Star Wars Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2023

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2. "I am your father!"

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Death Star Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Father’s Day to all The Mandalorian-like figures in the galaxy doing the most. For this gift guide, I searched the galaxy to find the most interesting ideas for the Star Wars dad! The force is strong with this Disney Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle - a brilliant gift for dad's who like a challenge.

Star Wars Fathers Day Gift Guide 2023

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Famous dads who like to puzzle 🧩

1. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman destroys a Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night jigsaw puzzle on Instagram Live.

Hugh Jackman, named the Sexiest Man Alive, is a big fan of jigsaw puzzles - and fine art jigsaw puzzles in particular. The X-Men and Greatest Showman actor, recently took to social media to share his progress on a challenging puzzle featuring Vincent Van Gogh's iconic Starry Night.

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2. David Beckham

Victoria Beckham recently surprised her husband David Beckham with a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift - a jigsaw puzzle. In a recent interview with HELLO magazine, Victoria shared that she struggled to find the perfect gift for her husband, who has everything. She eventually hit upon the idea of giving him a personalised jigsaw puzzle featuring a picture of their children.

3. Jamie Dornan

As rumors swirl about who will be the next James Bond, the Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan remarked that it was "nice" to be in the running for the iconic role. Recently, Dornan celebrated the New Year solving a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, playing the piano and drinking wine with celeb pal Stanley Tucci.

Jamie shared an image of himself alongside and the Devil Wears Prada star posing in front of the fire, which has been liked over 395K times. In the post, Dornan said: "Dotting i’s and crossing T’s. Happy new year. 2023 will be pure class."

4. Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart, the 79-year-old actor known for his roles in Star Trek and the X-Men series, spends his free time completing jigsaw puzzles. Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell recently appeared on the BBC's Graham Norton Show, where they showed off some of Stewart's recent puzzle projects - including the unique-shaped Frank Stella Firuzabad jigsaw puzzle.

Stewart even went the extra mile by framing his finished puzzles to display them.

Sir Patrick Stewart solves his Frank Stella jigsaw puzzle on the Graham Norton Show.

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Of course, you don't have to buy the puzzle just for Dad to complete. Instead, you might consider buying a famous artwork jigsaw puzzle that he likes, complete it yourself, and then frame it to give to him as the perfect art piece for his office. You might discover a hidden talent along the way. I know that what dad wants more than anything else is to sit back, relax, have a pint whilst doing a puzzle, and to maintain the dad bod. 😉

Homer Simpson solving a jigsaw puzzle

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