Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts For Puzzler Dads

Ran out of ideas on what to give dad this Father's Day? Or perhaps you're deciding on the perfect activity to do with the family. Look no further - we have the perfect solution for you: jigsaw puzzles! Duh.

Of course, you don't have to buy the puzzle just for Dad to complete. Instead, you might consider buying a famous artwork jigsaw puzzle that he likes, complete it yourself, and then frame it to give to him as the perfect art piece for his office. You might discover a hidden talent along the way.

We recommend giving him some of these premium, long-lasting, high quality jigsaw puzzles from our Rest In Pieces' Fine Art range:

1. 1000-piece Round Pantone Colour Palette Jigsaw Puzzle

Ranked by Stylist magazine as one of the top 22 jigsaw puzzles for adults to complete, Dad is bound to love this colourful jigsaw puzzle!

2. 1000-piece Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night Jigsaw Puzzle

If your dad is a fan of Van Gogh (who's dad isn't!?) or fine art in general he will love spending hours on this one! 

 3. 1000-piece Round Colour Mandala Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking for something a little more offbeat and meditative for Dad? If your dad loves patterns and colour then this could be the perfect puzzle for him. 

4. 1000-piece Claude Monet Path In The Wheat Fields Jigsaw Puzzle

Perhaps a jigsaw puzzle of one of the masterpieces by the father of impressionism, Monet, will leave an impression on Dad. After all, who doesn't love a gorgeous Monet landscape!? 

5. 1000-piece L. S. Lowry Going To Work Jigsaw Puzzle

What do Lowry and your dad have in common? They're both British heroes!

And if you're still not convinced that jigsaw puzzles are the best gift idea for Dad then you simply have to look no further than read what Scottish author and father-of-two Ian Rankin said about his favourite lockdown pastime in the Financial Review. Rankin, 60, confirmed he spent much of his time during lockdown puzzling in between creating new ideas for his whodunit books.

The author says 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles of an appealing picture are the most ideal for him - which is basically the entire Rest In Pieces' Fine Art jigsaw puzzle range...

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