The Pandemic Pastime Everyone Needs to Keep Up After Lockdown Ends

If you haven't guessed it already then we're obviously referring to jigsaw puzzles. 

Humans are living longer than before, and so it is now more important than ever to keep the mind engaged so that we can stay happy, mentally healthy, and productive as we age. Jobs that require our minds to be nimble may not be performed as easily, and so it is important that we continue to undertake activities that keep us mentally active. Jigsaw puzzles are perfect for this. 

Moreover, studies show that puzzling can help dementia and Alzheimer's patients by easing their symptoms as jigsaws provide exercise for certain brain functions, and can especially help improve short-term memory. This makes jigsaw puzzles the perfect tool for occupational therapy.

A completed 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a round mandala design with vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

We recommend choosing a puzzle that will evoke memories for any dementia or Alzheimer's patients. It's important that the puzzles are difficult enough so as to challenge the mind, but not impossible. 

Furthermore, we live in an age where so many people are glued to their screens and so it can often be difficult to build meaningful physical connections with our loved ones. Quality time is crucial if we wish to build these relationships. So if you're looking for a surefire way to spend quality time with loved ones then you can't go wrong with a jigsaw puzzle! And since restrictions have eased, we have no qualms in suggesting you go over to their house to complete a puzzle. 😉

And finally, we can't stress enough just how good puzzles make you feel. Not only do you get a pleasant hit of dopamine when you find a matching piece, but the concentration levels jigsaw puzzles can induce can put your mind into a meditative state. And we all know the longterm benefits of meditation to our mental health!

A circular jigsaw puzzle with a kaleidoscopic mandala pattern, consisting of 1000 small pieces that fit together to create a larger image.


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