1000-piece Multicoloured Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle

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This multicoloured puzzle is nothing short of addictive...

No puzzle collection is complete without a gradient. Somehow both intensely challenging and wonderfully serene at the same time, colour gradient puzzles are the pinnacle of jigsaw puzzling. As a blend of the entire chromatic spectrum instead of just two colours, this 1,000-piece rainbow puzzle stands out in particular as a gradient that is both beautiful and approachable.

  • 1,000-piece jigsaws on premium puzzle board
  • Crisp, vibrant colour
  • Precisely cut for snug fit
  • 660 x 500 mm when completed

Settle in for hours of mental rejuvenation with this brand new series of colour puzzles. Let your instincts and your intuitive sense of colour guide you as you organize the vibrant, sturdy pieces and start to snap them into place.

All jigsaw puzzles are peaceful entertainment, but these take it to a new level. Spread the pieces out on the table and you will soon find your mind has the space you need to reflect, meditate, or maybe just zone out. One of the lucky few who has gotten a sneak peak of an early sample describes the experience as "so addicting."

The colours are soothing but vibrant. The premium puzzle board feels good in your fingers. And the precision cut ensures that pieces will fit snugly into place no matter how long you own and play these puzzles.